We privilege customer support throughout the sales process.


We tailor our products to the needs of customers, adjusting our extensive range of products and variations.


Special conditions for transportation.


Guaranteed by our specialized professionals.

After sales support

We seek to realize satisfaction with our products and services, ensuring proper follow-up in any doubt or need.


2-year specialized warranty. Warranty extension possibility.


We ensure the maintenance of our products. We offer the possibility to replace only damaged parts of a certain product

About us

Melhor Escritório is a project by the company José Borda e Cª Lda. Emerged to respond to a growing interest in office furniture for professional use. JBC is proud to have more than 30 years of experience in the stationery and office area, distinguished by the solidity and prestige achieved in the national and international markets.


All the tasks we undertake are carried out with the utmost rigor and transparency. We ensure a commitment of dedication and effort.


JBC supports an efficient sale of products or services, which enhances business results and exceeds the expectations of our customers. Thus, we guarantee long-term success and sustainability. We focus, essentially, on processes and customers, as a way to guarantee their satisfaction and retain them to our products and services.


From our professionals you will always have the best support in the Pre and After Sales services.

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Rua G, Armazém 2A1, 2B1 e 2A, Zona Industrial da Varziela, 4480-625 Vila do Conde, Portugal


+351 252 600 100

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